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Buy First Copy Watches in India Online at our web store. We sell Highest Grade 1st copy watches. First Copy watches come in many grades / qualities / versions. Here we want to share with you all the correct information you need about Swiss replica watches in India.

You may have many questions regarding First Copy Watches in India, How to buy first copy watches online, what is a 1st copy watch, buy which type of 1st copy watches online, what are the different types or grades of replica watches sold online and many more such questions. So, we at want to be totally transparent and we want to give you full and correct information of the all the above questions, or if you have any other questions which are not answered below, you can Call or Whatsapp us at +91 8177909211

FAQ’s about First Copy Watches, 7A Quality Copy Watches, Swiss Replica Watches, AAA Grade Copy Watches, Swiss ETA Watches – all in one place:

– What is a First Copy Watch ?

Before understanding about what is a first copy watch, you should First Get An Idea About The Duplicate, Fake, Copy Watch Business. So, there are many types of fake duplicate watches being produced in the world right now. This is because of the fact that people love Swiss Watch Brands but an Authentic Genuine Swiss Watch of a reputed brand can cost you lakhs of rupees. For example the starting price for a Rolex watch is approximately Rs. 4,00,000 ( 4 lakhs ) and goes up to 50 to 60 lakhs for the higher end models and even beyond that for some limited edition watches.  Many people may not want to spend such high amount on a watch. So, this has given birth to the fake replica watch makers and markets. Watch manufacturers in countries like China, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland etc have started making copies of Real Branded Swiss Watches so as to fit the less budgets of the customers who are willing to buy them. And because of this, interested customers can find high end copies of their loved Swiss watches in a small budget too, a budget that they feel comfortable to spend on a replica of a famous Swiss watch brand. Now, these ‘Price Budgets’ of interested Customers have given rise to the different qualities / grades / versions in Duplicate Fake Watches. The Price of a fake duplicate watch will depend on the ‘Grade’ or ‘Quality’ of craftsmanship applied to make that watch. Here ‘Grade’ or ‘Quality’ simply means the closeness of this fake replica watch to its Real Original Showroom Watch. To give you an example let’s say there is a particular Rolex Watch Model, so, in cheap low price around Rs. 2000 to 5000 you can buy its replica (known as 5a/7a copy watches) but this will not be good in quality, and the feel / functions of this low grade replica will not exactly match the original watch on close inspection – meaning it will just look like that model of Rolex, but the functions, weight, feel etc will be far off if compared with its original counterpart side by side. Now, in a Medium budget you can get a better quality replica (this is known as a First Copy Watch) of that same Rolex model and this watch will be closer to its original counterpart and it will be difficult to find out that this is not a Real Original Watch. So, here lies the answer to – What is a First Copy Watch. A First Copy Watch is the entry level replica watch which has good quality, can last long, looks and feels 99% like its original counterpart and most importantly these first copy watches are so close to the original that generally nobody will be able to make out that this is a fake watch. Now, there is another higher grade / quality / version of this First Copy Watch and it is called ‘Swiss ETA Watches’. Price-wise Swiss ETA watches are more costly than First Copy Watches because in Swiss ETA watches the movement of the replica watch is also the same calibre as used in the Original Swiss watch. So, to sum it up – a First Copy Watch is a Medium Budget, Good Quality Copy of a Real Swiss Watch. This ‘First Copy Watch’ term is a Grade given to the quality of craftsmanship required to manufacture that watch maintaining its closeness to the Real Swiss Watch. This First Copy Grade of watches are The Best Entry Level Replica Watches for a Swiss Watch Enthusiast. First Copy Watches have Trustworthy High Quality Swiss Movements, have more power reserve (in automatic 1st copy watches), can be used daily, will last longer and most importantly they look and feel very similar to a Genuine Swiss Watch.

– What are the Different Types or Grades of Copy Replica Watches ?

There are mainly 3 types of copy replica watches:

-In Type 1 copy watches I have kept all the low quality cheap copy watches grades together, known as 7A Quality Copy Watches / AAA Replica Copy Watches / Second Copy Watches / China Maal / China Copy Watches etc!
-Type 2 is High Quality First Copy Watches
-Type 3 is Real Swiss ETA Movement Replica Watches

Detailed Comparison between 7a Quality Copy Watches, First Copy Watches and Swiss ETA Replica Watches:

7A Copy / aaa / 10a / 5a / Second Copy / China Maal / China Watches First Copy Watches Swiss ETA Watches
-Cheap quality steel alloy -High Quality Semi-Industrial Grade 316L Stainless Steel -Industrial Grade 904L Stainless Steel, this is literally the same steel used by Rolex, they call it as Oystersteel.
-Polished Shine will go away in 4-5 months (regular wear) or 7- 8 months (occasional wear) -Shine will last for 4-5 years, we can also do metal buffing to bring new shine -904L Steel is naturally a very premium looking metal, will keep shining always
-Colours, Coatings may fade or wear off – Natural Colour of 316L Steel is silver and no coating done, so no chance of colours fading -904L Steel is also naturally silver, Colour never fades. In case of Gold Watches – there is solid 18k electroplating, will never fade
-will catch rust within 1 year -316L Stainless Steel is more resistant to rust, so rust free watches for a long time -904L Stainless Steel is literally a Rust Proof Metal, No Rust Ever.
-light in weight -Heavy in weight just as the Real Watches -100% Same Weight as the Original
-Lock Mechanisms are Very Hard and Uncomfortable -Lock Mechanisms are smooth and same as Original watches -Lock mechanism same as Original watches
-‘One Fits All’ Cheap Chinese movements made of low quality alloy metals -High Quality Mechanical, Automatic or Quartz movements based according to that specific watch model. Japanese Miyota, Seagull Movements used generally. -Branded Real Swiss Movements know as Swiss ETA Movements. Exact 1:1 like the original watch. Different movements for different watches according to the watch functions.
-Look wise this movement is not at all like the original Swiss movements – if anybody opens the back case to see -Look wise this movement resembles the genuine Swiss Movement used in original watch -Same Calibre Swiss Movement. Same 1:1 clone of the movement used in original watch, you will also find the exact markings on the movement when you open the back case to examine the movement.
-Use And Throw Movement, Cannot Repair -Can be and kept running for a long time -Can be Serviced, Repaired by only experienced watch mechanics
-Cheap Plastic Parts Used Inside Machine -No plastic parts used inside machine -All Original Swiss made parts of high grade materials used inside the machine
-No Functions Working inside the watch. Also, maybe if working in some models – functions would be dummy, meaning not like the actual functions of the Real Original Watch -All Functions Working inside the watch just as it does in the Original watch -Same Exact Working Functions like the Original watch
-Not from a distance, But Yes, on close look or inspection people can make out that you are wearing a fake watch -On Close inspection also difficult to make out. Mostly First Copy Watches are very similar to Original watches in Looks, Feel, Weight etc, so people will not be able to make out easily -Not At All! A Swiss ETA Watch is as good as a Genuine Swiss watch in all aspects.
-Sadly, 90% of the Fake Watches sold in India are of this quality. Mainly Because the customers in India don’t know how to exactly check for the quality they are paying for! (This is Why We are Trying To Educate Every Customer by Telling You Everything in Detail) – Only Some Genuine Sellers are selling Real First Copy Watches in India. Be Aware, if a seller is saying he is sending you a first copy – then it has to be a first copy. He can’t pass off a 7a low price watch in high price just by changing the name to first copy! We are always with you in helping you out to find out and then make an educated buying decision -Authentic Swiss ETA Watches are very hard to find online. Only Some Experienced and Old Copy watch dealers are importing Authentic Swiss ETA Replica Watches to India – And We Happen To Be One Amongst Them.
-And copy watch sellers have a chance here of earning high profit by selling or passing off a cheap 7a quality watch as a First Copy watch by using their gimmick selling tactics. So, mostly in India, whatever the seller may say, he will end up sending you a 7a low quality copy, until you are aware and know how to check the different qualities -Many times online sellers (mostly social media sellers) also quote less price of a first copy watch online – to lure customers to buy from them and not from the real good sellers, and then this fraud seller ends up sending the 7a quality only! -Other copy sellers also have this bad habit of associating the ‘Swiss ETA’ term with any cheap watch! Many times we have seen online sellers advertising a first copy watch as a ‘Swiss ETA Watch’!
-So Be Aware and ask for details before buying – So, Be Aware! Ask for all live photos and videos before purchase. -Please Be Aware, We are always ready to share live comparison photos and videos to understand about Real Swiss ETA Watches
-About 7A Copies, We usually don’t recommend customers to buy this quality, because of the problems it may give in future, Buy only if you have a limited budget you can buy 7a quality watches -We totally recommend buying First Copy Watches as they are a complete Swiss watch in itself and we promise to deliver the real First Copy Watches to you – WITH PROOFS! -We always recommend only Swiss ETA Watches to High Profile Customers. We as sellers know that a Swiss ETA watch’s Value is much more than the Amount you spend on it. It will last lifelong just as its real counterpart, and the amount you are paying is 1/10th of the real price!

– Why These 3 Different Grades / Qualities / Versions of the Same Fake Replica Watch ?

These Different Grades or Qualities are because of Different Customer Needs and ‘Price Budgets’. So, for example:
-Customer no. 1 wants a fashionable Rolex fake watch under Rs. 5000 – he just wants a watch that looks like a Rolex, wants to wear occasionally and he has limited budget. In this case 7a copy watches are best for him.
-Customer no. 2 has a little more budget of say around Rs. 10,000 and he wants a swiss movement watch for daily wear, that he can use for long time, should look and feel like a Rolex and also should be a high quality watch in itself with all working functions. In this case he should buy ‘First Copy Watches’.
-Customer no. 3 wants the best quality replica – price is not his major concern but closeness to the Original watch is, he may also have 2-3 Original Expensive watches but does not want to wear Expensive watches while in the Gym etc. In this case the Swiss ETA Replica should be the perfect choice.

So, you see, in the above example you can spot different Customer needs, and to fulfil such different needs – different types of Grades / Qualities / Versions Are Made in Replica Watches of the Same Watch Model.

– What is 7A Quality Copy Watch ?

Firstly stating – This ‘7A Quality Copy Watches’ Term is Lie! This term was invented overnight by some cheap made in china watch sellers in India to promote their cheap Chinese copy watches in the world of Replica watches in India! You can search this term on the internet and you find all the low grade made in china watches type sellers in India. So this term is surely invented in India! So, to answer the question of What is a 7A Quality Copy Watch, then the appropriate researched answer is that a 7A Quality copy watch is a cheap made in China fake street watch that is given a fancy name ‘7A QUALITY’ by all the low grade copy watch online sellers so that they can sell a low quality cheap watch at a higher price – a price that it does not deserve! Our Recommendation is that – only buy a 7A quality copy watch if you have a very less budget. Otherwise real First Copy watches are a great option to enter the replica watches world.

– What is a Replica Watch ? Do First Copy Watches and Replica Watches have the same meaning ?

A Replica Watch is a fake watch copied to look and feel just like a Real Original Swiss Watch of a reputed brand. There are many grades / qualities / versions of replica watches online. Replica watches price depend on its closeness to its original counterpart. Answering the second question – Yes, First Copy Watches and Replica Watches have almost the same meaning.

– How to buy First Copy Watches Online ?

If you are looking to buy first copy watches online then there are many ways to go about it. 1st copy watches in India are very famous. The best way to buy a 1st copy watch is to shop online. There are many good first copy watch selling websites in India. They offer the right quality / grade at right price. Also, as a word of caution, Just Be Aware about this one type of online copy watch sellers: the ‘social media pages copy sellers’! Always ask for live photos and videos before making the purchase decision until you are dead sure. We at believe in transparent practices to serve and educate the customers about First Copy Watches so that they can spend their hard earned money in the most profitable way. At we deal only in all types of replica watches in India. We deliver first copy watches all over India on cash on delivery method. For discounts and offers on 1st copy watches add us on WhatsApp number +91 8177909211. We have handpicked some of the Best Replica Watches made around the world and curated our entire online catalogue. Many latest replica watches that you will find on our website, you may not find elsewhere. We also take customized orders, and orders of watch brands other than what is listed on our website. You can Call or WhatsApp us at +91 8177909211. All First copy watches online sold on our web store goes through a series a quality check before it is shipped to the customers. So you can be rest assured about the correct delivery and quality of our products.

– Do we get a Warranty for First Copy Watches purchased online ?

Yes, All our First Copy Watches carry a full 2 years warranty. We do service and repair both. To claim the warranty you can simply Call our Customer Care at +91 8177909211 or email at [email protected]

– Are first copy watches good ?

First Copy Watches are a very good option for people who love to wear Swiss watch brands. First Copy Watches of 2021 are very well made and the replica cloning technology has vastly improved over the years. First Copy watches being manufactured now are just incredible. The First Copy watch factories are literally using the same technology, and metal grades to match its original counterpart. So, the Look, Feel, Functions and similarity of today’s first copy watches with the real watches is mind blowing! And right now in 2021, there is a huge collection of new 2021 first copy watches which have created a new buzz in the replica market. For example, the Jacob and Co Astronomia replica watch has been winning hearts of our customers right now. The customer feedback is amazing. So buying a first copy watch from a trusted online market place is a very good option to have a piece of luxury on your wrists, that too inside a tight budget. So, we would totally recommend buying a first copy watch online from a trusted online dealer who really sells high quality replica watches online in India. You can buy first copy watches in India online through our website from the comfort of your homes. We usually deliver within 3 working days all across India.

We hope, all your questions about 7A Copy watches, First Copy Watches, Swiss ETA Replica Watches etc have been answered in detail by now. One thing is for sure, Now You Are Prepared For Your Replica Watches Journey. If you have any more questions, feel free to Call / WhatsApp Us at +91 8177909211 or email us at [email protected]. We Are Open 24×7, 365 Days.